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amparo chorda

Bisila is a muse, strategist, brand ambassador and media spokesperson for this fashion brand. Amparo Chordá is the most universal designer from Valencia in the scene of haute couture. In her studio in Valencia, she appears as an authentic artist of fashion. She dominates and supervises each phase of the process, supporting her workshop team in order to develop relevant and unique creations, which turns her into one of the most sought-after designers among the most select clients.
Website: http://chordacouture.com/


Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by Juan Perán. Leather is the star of the shoes. They are comfortable, resistant, high-quality, unique, featuring finely crafted finishes and are, most of all, “Naturally Good”. Bisila is the Global Brand Ambassador, Strategist and Media Spokesperson for Pikolinos. She has developed communication strategies, PR, event management, and business intelligence in global markets. Bisila established media relationships for Pikolinos as a partnership with Hearst Group and several media trips to Kenya have been organized with various magazines.
Website: http://www.pikolinos.com



Carmencita, founded by Jesus Navarro S.A., is a brand that everyone should want to have. The company has a family feeling, which Bisila is helping to reflect through their advertising. Paella is meant to be shared and these products are their stars. BBES strives to gather all the best ways for customers to be attracted to Carmencita spices and food products. Bisila’s goal is to connect Carmencita with the right people and to improve the strategies that are already in place. She is the Brand Ambassador, Strategist and Media Spokesperson of Carmencita. Bisila represents, promotes, and markets the brand internationally. She has developed an expansion strategy in Africa, Asia, and United States and opened doors in Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
Website: http://carmencita.com/


From Bisila Bokoko is the brand ambassador for the gastronomic online Lifestyle TV Channel, FOODIE CHANNEL, that caters to those who enjoy cooking and food. The scope of Foodie TV Channel will be expanded and consolidated by the action that Bisila will take. She will be hosting cooking shows around the globe and promoting international cuisine among countries and take Foodie Channel to different markets.
Website: http://foodiechannel.es/


The Liceu Barcelona Opera House US Foundation, the entity with headquarters in New York, has appointed Bisila Bokoko as “Global Ambassador”. She will be helping in the promotion of the Liceu in the United States and Globally. This appointment on the part of the US Foundation coincides with the acceptance on the part of Queen Sophia of the honorary presidency of the Board of Trustees. This will be particularly evident next June, at a gala to be held in New York City. At which, the Queen’s, along with the members of the Board of Trustees, potential patrons, and Spanish entrepreneurs settled in New York, will be in attendance.
Website: http://www.liceubarcelona.cat/en.html

ágatha ruiz de la prada

Bisila Bokoko is the Brand Ambassador for Agatha Ruiz de La Prada. Ágatha entered fashion in 1981 with her women’s collection in Madrid. She opened her first studio in the Spanish capital and began to participate in fashion shows in Madrid and Barcelona. Commercial success came with her partnership with El Corte Inglés. She started to gain international recognition by means of her fashion shows in Spain, France, Italy, Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Moscow and Bucharest. In 1991, Agatha licensed her brand, expanding her line to include men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, ceramics, toys, shoes, linens and towels, make-up and more. Her stores are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, New York, Oporto and Mallorca and she is present in over 140 countries around the world.
Website: http://www.agatharuizdelaprada.com/