We help you and your brand play big, opening the doors that need to be open and acting as your “face” and “voice” all around the world. And doing it as we know: with authenticity, style and grace.

“We take a leap of faith and we will endorse and champion your brand, establishing the product among the correct demographic, and engage customers through experience and satisfaction” Bisila Bokoko


Advising companies since her days as Executive Director of Spanish Chamber of Commerce in NY, and then since she created BBES, Bisila knows very well about this game. Are you ready to play with us? 

“When you grow or go abroad, you need to know what works, such as persistence and having a clearly outlined strategy, patience and differences in business culture in each country ” Bisila Bokoko


Bisila knows first hand about these limitations and is committed to creating inclusion and equality scenarios for entrepreneurs and employees with disabilities.

And we believe it is everyone’s job. Therefore, we currently provide training in companies, working on inclusion to manage talent so that it is at the service of doing good and do things from the heart.

“Disability is not a barrier to success”

Bisila Bokoko


We currently provide training in companies, universities and colleges, working on diversity and empathy to manage talent so that it is at the service of doing good and do things from the heart.


Diverse companies are undoubtedly more competitive! The more diverse the work teams, the more innovative and competitive the companies are” Bisila Bokoko


Bisila and her team mentor you both professionally and personally to help you reinvent yourself, explore new horizons and grow consciously. We understand that through your business you have the opportunity to make your genuine contribution to humanity. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

“It is during times of difficulty that mentorship becomes important as a therapy” Bisila Bokoko